Professional Services

Financial Planning

We believe building a solid, long-term investment strategy tailored to your individual situation is integral to achieving your financial goals. Modern Wealth Advisors uses a personalized approach to develop an investment plan that is uniquely crafted for you. At any and every stage of your life, we work with you to assure that your financial decisions are appropriately and realistically aligned to your financial aspirations. Over the long-term, we help you manage your money with strategies designed to keep you on track for success.

Asset Management

To further assist you in meeting your financial goals, we’ll seek to ensure your investments are properly diversified with an asset management strategy. Diversification, dividing your assets among different asset classes, is often cited as one of the best long-term investment strategies for any market environment. Your investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance will drive your asset allocation and help determine the right balance for you. While using asset allocation methodology does not guarantee greater, or more consistent returns, or insure against loss, we’ll work with you to help build a personalized portfolio based on proper asset management strategies.

Retirement Planning

With average life expectancies increasing, many people will spend up to one-third of their existence in retirement. Actively planning for a comfortable retirement compels some of the most important personal and financial decisions you’ll ever make. It also requires an in-depth strategy that includes some well thought out lifecycle management. You can rely on us to assess your current position with respect to your retirement needs and goals, and then put you on an investment path to help you potentially meet them.

Risk Management

Regardless of how much time or money you spend building your investments, one unfortunate event can quickly erode the value of that plan if you don’t have an appropriate insurance plan in place. At Modern Wealth Advisors, we provide essential insurance strategies to help protect your financial future and your loved ones. The strategies we collectively build for you may include many different components such as whole or term life, long-term care, disability, or other types of coverage. We understand that your needs are unique and can help put in place a plan to protect what is important to you.

Estate & Tax Planning

Estate planning involves more than just tax savings for the wealthy. A sound estate plan provides for the effective preservation and transfer of wealth to your loved ones, providing the liquidity they will need to settle your estate taxes and minimizing their financial burden. Together with your tax and legal representatives, we help you take the steps necessary in seeking to protect, conserve, and distribute your assets for the benefit of your heirs and philanthropic interests. Please visit our trusts and estates partner, Modern Wealth Law for more information.

Small Business Planning

For small business owners, savvy business planning helps avoid some of the most common pitfalls that cause many similar-sized companies to fail. From obtaining financing to selecting employee retirement, benefit and insurance plans, it can potentially give your business the edge it needs to prosper. Modern Wealth Advisors can assist you in managing your earnings for growth, and even in developing a succession plan that provides you a financially-sound exit strategy.