Managing Life’s Milestones

In today’s modern world, navigating through the unpredictable financial markets can be overwhelming. Modern Wealth Advisors is more than your standard wealth management firm. We are an independent firm focused on providing wealth management for those seeking financial independence and a rewarding retirement. Our clients are both the up and coming, and the established and seasoned. Our mission is to help our clients manage life’s milestones. No matter what stage you are in life, our goal is to help you accumulate wealth, protect wealth, and build a legacy so you and your family can pursue your dreams. We strive to achieve this through a combination of comprehensive financial planning, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technology, which are tailored to your individual needs and goals.
We operate in today’s modern world and have tomorrow on our mind.


Our Strategy First® philosophy places our focus on developing strategic financial plans that are independent of specific investment options. Through our interview and data collection process we will determine, among other things, your short- and long-term financial objectives, risk tolerance, tax status, current investment holdings, and asset allocation in order to prepare a hypothetical financial illustration built on a custom framework for retirement income planning. This framework attempts to match short-term liabilities with short-term investment strategies and long-term liabilities with long-term investment strategies.Learn More
Many of life’s celebrations and sorrows carry financial consequences that may not be readily apparent. At Modern Wealth, we strive to help you manage life’s milestones by providing guidance when making financial decisions at these critical times. Our primary objective is to build solid, long-term relationships with our clients as we help them navigate through life’s milestones. We want to become your ‘Family CFO’ and help manage all of your personal financial matters.Learn More
The Bucket Strategy® is a risk-managed, time-segmented investment strategy designed to increase the likelihood of dependable retirement income and security. This strategy seeks to reduce the risk of losses due to volatility, ensure that the value of our clients’ savings is not outpaced by inflation and to secure retirement income so that our clients do not outlive their nest eggs. At the strategy’s core is the concept of matching assets to liabilities.Learn More
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Our Team


Christine Tang, CFP®, CWS®

Managing Director
With more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Christine provides financial guidance by being a “Personal CFO” to many high net worth families, small business owners and professional women. Christine prides herself on forming lifelong relationships with her clients and taking a thoughtful, patient and caring approach. As a Certified Financial Planner® professional, Christine strives to provide her clients with a complete wealth management experience.Learn More About Christine Tang


Anh Tran, Esq., CWS®

Managing Director
Anh advises individuals, families and business owners on all aspects of financial and retirement planning. As both a Certified Wealth Strategist® and an estate planning attorney for Modern Wealth Law, Anh is in a unique position to counsel her clients on both wealth management and estate planning issues. She is one of the few professionals in Orange County that can provide expertise in both of these complex areas to ensure that her clients’ desires are met before retirement, during retirement and post-death.
Learn More About Anh Tran

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Invitation-Only Networking, Financial Education and Charitable Fundraising Event Brings Together Leading Orange County Female Business and Community Leaders

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